FinOS Mobile Banking

FinOS Mobile Banking

By digitisation and automation of processes and operations.

Simple User Interface

FinOS has a simple and clear user interface, with best-practice workflows taking you through all core processes, and relevant data always at your fingertips. So user friendly that loan officers are not required to be proficient in IT. The system has a simple graphic user interface and features a logical distribution of functions, so each user can easily access and manipulate the information they require.

Automated Accounting & Reporting

FinOS provides an extensive suite of high quality reports, providing information on the portfolio, client numbers, savings accounts and portfolio quality at an institution level, branch level, loan officer level, right down to information on specific groups and clients. All reports have been built using our experiences working in the field with FinOS, providing key information right to the fingertips of the individuals who need it most.


Our products features

Core Banking System

Loan Origination System

Loan Management System

Collection Management System

Accounting Management System

Reporting Management System

Organizational Management System

Dashboard and Mobility Management System

FinOS Digital Banking System

A better suite means a better user experience

By digitisation and automation of processes and operations.

FinOS Core Banking

Web App

FinOS Agent Banking System

Android App both tablet and mobile

FinOS Internet Banking System

Web App

FinOS Pay

iOS and Android App both tablet and mobile

FinOS Card

FinOS Card